How to Make Your Own Miniature Buildings From Cardboard

brown corrugate cardboard image by Suto Norbert from <a href=''></a>

Sometimes, imagination is all you need to create your own fun. With leftover cardboard and a few craft supplies, you can create buildings to make your own small town or city. Cardboard is sturdy enough to stand up to play and last a while. It can be customised and decorated to mimic the homes and businesses in your own town, or you can create an entirely imaginative city where anything is possible.

Draw the sides of each building onto a sheet of cardboard with a permanent marker, using a ruler for measuring and drawing straight lines. Draw separate squares or rectangles for roof panels. Cut out the pieces with a utility knife.

Cut windows and doors out of some of the side pieces with a utility knife. When cutting a door, cut only the top, bottom and one side, leaving the final side connected to serve as a hinge.

Assemble the pieces and tape them together with masking tape along all of the places where the pieces meet each other.

Glue craft sticks to the sides of some of the buildings with wood glue to add realistic siding to the houses. Allow the glue to dry for about 20 minutes.

Cut sheets of sandpaper to fit the roof panels of the buildings. Glue them over the roof panels with wood glue. Allow the glue to dry for about 10 minutes.

Paint the buildings different colours with acrylic craft paints and a paintbrush. Add details like house numbers or business signs.

Paint a large sheet of cardboard with craft paints to create scenery for your buildings. Paint streets that connect, and grass in yard areas. Allow the paint to dry and place your buildings where you like.

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