How to Use a Vacuum to Inflate an Air Mattress

Air beds are portable bedding units similar to inflatable pool floats but more durable and usually with a fabric covering. Air pumps to inflate the mattresses are available, but you can also inflate an air bed with a common household appliance, the vacuum.

Remove the cover from the vacuum bag per the manufacturer's instructions and detach the vacuum bag. Detach top motor from canister on a canister vacuum, remove canister and set aside.

Insert the vacuum's hose extender or extension-wand attachment into the opening where the vacuum bag or canister attaches to vacuum. Wrap duct tape around attachment base to secure.

Insert the free end of the attachment into the inflation hole in the air bed. Seal with duct tape to create a tight fit between the attachment and the mattress opening.

Plug the vacuum's electrical cord into an electrical socket and turn on the vacuum.

Inflate the mattress to desired firmness. Remove the vacuum attachment and insert the plug into the mattress.

Detach the attachment from the vacuum and replace the vacuum bag or canister.

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