How to make an easter bunny suit

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When Easter arrives and it is your turn to hide eggs and treats, dress up as the Easter bunny. You can make a bunny suit from an Easter bunny costume pattern and other materials available at a fabric store. By making your own bunny suit, you'll ensure the costume fits right and prove the Easter bunny really does visit your house.

Record your measurements. Use a tape measure to record the measurement around your neck and measure the length from the top of your head to the bottom of your neck, especially if the bunny suit you are making has a hood. Measure the circumferences of the top of your arm, cuff, chest, hips and waist. Also note the length of your torso and inseam. Take these measurements with you so you can buy the right pattern size, especially if you are not making a one-size-fits-all suit.

Buy the fabric and other supplies for the Easter bunny suit. The back of the pattern indicates the amount of fabric you need to purchase and the type and length of zipper to buy. Easter bunny suits are usually made with furry fabric, a fuzzy pom-pom for the tail or polyester filling if you are making the tail, a headband (if the costume does not have a hood) and wire for the rabbit ears. The wire for the bunny ears will be about as thick as a wire coat hanger.

Cut out the Easter bunny suit pattern pieces and pin them to the fabric per the directions in the pattern's package. If you are using furry fabric, pin the pattern pieces to the back of the fabric, which does not have faux on it. This will make the fabric easier to cut.

Cut out the fabric for the bunny suit per the pattern's instructions. Make sure the scissors are sharp because furry fabric for bunny suits is thicker than most. Keep the pinned pattern pieces on the furry fabric so you can remember which pieces of fabric get sewn together. If you're cutting wire for the bunny ears, do not use scissors, because the blades will get ruined. Use a pair of wire cutters.

Sew the pieces of fabric together to complete the Easter bunny suit, adding a zipper and other necessary costume items. Hand-sew the pom-pom or the bunny tail you made on the back of the bunny suit, a little lower than your hips. When you're making the bunny ears, sew them first and insert the wire later. This will prevent you from accidentally hitting the wire with the needle on the sewing machine, which could break and cause injury. Hand-sew the bunny ears to the headband or the hood of the costume.

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