How to Change a Headlight in a 2001 Ford Focus

work of art headlight image by Jorge Moro from

The headlights on your 2001 Ford Focus are an essential part of the vehicle's visibility features. The headlights give the driver of the Focus and other drivers on the road, added visibility during bad weather conditions and also in dark evening hours. When a headlight becomes damaged or burns out, it's imperative that it's replaced immediately. Replacing the headlight in a timely manner will avoid a traffic violation and possible accident.

Place the Focus in "Park" and allow the vehicle to cool for a half hour to prevent any potential burns.

Locate the headlight that needs to be replaced underneath the hood of the Focus. There will be a metal band that secures the headlight in place. Remove the screws securing the metal band in place using a flathead screwdriver. Remove the metal band by simply sliding it off, once all screws are removed.

Pull the headlight unit out of its socket and remove the electrical connector from the back of the light.

Install the replacement headlight into its socket and connect the electrical connector to the back of the light. Replace the metal band around the headlight unit. Tighten and secure the screws surrounding the metal band. Repeat this process, if needed, for the other headlight. Close the bonnet of the Focus.

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