How to Replace BMW Headlight Bulbs

motorway at night image by Jeff Dalton from

Repair and maintenance costs for BMW cars can add up. There are some tasks you can do yourself to save time and money. Replacing the headlight bulbs when they burn out on your BMW is one of the simpler jobs you can do. No tools are necessary for the job. Refer to the owner's manual for your model for helpful diagrams.

Open your BMW's bonnet.

Locate the black bulb cover for the bulb you need to replace. It is located behind the assembly in the engine compartment.

Reach down into the compartment and turn the cover to the left to pull it off.

Turn the bulb holder left and pull it out of the assembly.

Remove the old bulb from the holder. Pull it straight out.

Insert the replacement bulb into the holder.

Replace the bulb holder into the assembly and turn it to the right.

Replace the bulb cover and turn it to the right.

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