How to make a fire truck out of a cardboard box

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Recycle large boxes into fun fire truck toys for the budding firefighter in the family. This craft is also a wonderful project for a rainy afternoon when the kids are stuck inside. Although the steps are simple, the project involves paint and can get a bit messy. Expand upon the craft by helping your kids create a fire station from an additional box. Once complete, this craft will give young children the opportunity to pretend to be firefighters.

Prepare the working area by covering the floor and working surfaces with newspaper or plastic dust sheets. Use paper plates to hold various colours of paint.

Tape the open edges of one boxes shut so that the box is completely closed. Cut out a hole in the bottom and top of the box large enough for a child to crawl inside. Allow kids to paint this box red and set the box aside to dry.

Paint four paper plates black for the fire truck's wheels and set them aside to dry. Trace out headlights, bumpers, windshields, ladders and other accessories on construction paper and cut out these elements.

Glue on the various accessories after the box and paper plates have dried completely. Allow the glue to dry before letting kids play with their fire truck craft.

Open the top flaps of the second cardboard box so that a child could crawl inside the box when it is standing upright. Trace out a window, door and fire station sign on the panel of the box that was the bottom originally.

Allow children to paint the fire station box and allow it to dry completely. Trace a bell and pole in construction paper. Cut out these shapes and glue them to the fire station after the paint dries.

Cut out three sides of the fire station door, allowing it to open and close. Reinforce the attached side with masking tape. It may be necessary to score the attached side of the door with scissors for easy opening.

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