How to Make a Playlist on a Sony Walkman

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The Sony Walkman is a popular choice for taking your entertainment with you when you are away from home. With a Walkman loaded with your favourite music, you can make the time pass quickly while you work out, ride the subway, or wait in endless lines while running errands. Walkmans make accessing your favourite songs easy by allowing you to create playlists.

Press the up directional button (the Walkman button) to begin creating your new playlist. Choose "Options," then "My Music," then "My Playlists," then "New Playlist."

Navigate through your music library and select "Mark," then "Add" to populate your playlist with your favourite songs.

Add additional files and music folders to your playlist after it is created. Press the Walkman button, then choose "Options." Select "My Music," then "My Playlists." Choose the playlist you want to edit and select "Open." Select "Options," then "Add Media." Choose your desired tracks or folders. Select "Mark," then "Add."

Delete files you no longer wish to include in your playlist. Press the Walkman button. Choose "Options," then "My Music," then "My Playlists." Select the desired playlist and select "Open." Highlight the name of the file you wish to remove. Select "Options," then "Delete," then "Yes."

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