How to make paper hats for children

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Paper hats can serve as cost-effective costumes for school plays or any time kids need more props for their creative playtime. Paper hats are easy to make and kids can complete most of the process themselves. Try making paper hats with your class of children or your own children at home.

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Bend a 12 inch by 12 inch piece of construction paper into a cone. To do this, hold the two corners at the top and pull them both down. Pull one around the other and tape it over the other corner. There will be some excess paper at the bottom, but the top will form a cone, much like a wizard hat.

Cut the excess paper off to leave only the cone with a straight bottom.

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Draw and cut out shapes to put on the front of the hat, such as hearts or stars.

Decorate the shapes with markers or crayons.

Glue the shapes to the paper hats.

Let the glue dry before wearing your hat.

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