How to remove orange paint from an airsoft gun

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Airsoft guns almost always come with orange paint on the tip of the barrel to indicate that it is not a real gun. While airsoft guns can be dangerous, they do not pose the same threat as a real gun. It is important to always keep this orange tip on your airsoft gun when you are carrying it or using it in a public place so people don't mistake it for a genuine firearm. Still, airsoft guns can be used as a viable replica of a real gun as a movie prop or in another production. To make it look more realistic, you can remove the orange tip fairly easily. While it is illegal for a retailer to sell you an airsoft gun without an orange tip, is not illegal for you to remove it in most states.

Unload your airsoft gun to minimise the risk of an accidental shooting injury. Make sure there are no airsoft BBs in the clip or gun chamber.

Remove the barrel of the gun if possible. If you cannot remove the barrel, cover the surrounding area of with tape to avoid removing any other paint on the gun.

Soak a small portion of a rag in paint remover, acetone, Goo Gone or nail polish remover while wearing rubber gloves.

Carefully rub the orange paint with the soaked portion of the rag without rubbing any other part of the gun. Soak the rag multiple times, and repeat the process as many times as required to remove all the paint.

Dry the barrel with a portion of the rag that has not been soaked, and paint over the portion that has become discoloured from the paint remover.

Replace the barrel, and test the gun to make sure the barrel has not been blocked.

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