Can You Put Methylated Spirits in a Hurricane Lantern?

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Methylated spirits are probably better known as denatured alcohol. As an alcohol-based solvent, it has several uses. This natural product is 10 per cent methanol and 90 per cent ethanol. Methylated spirits have been confused with white spirits but they are not the same.


Denatured alcohol is most commonly used as a cleaner. This product has been known to clean glass without streaking, remove ink from fabric, remove permanent marker from plastic, removing stickers and sticky residue and clean electronics.


Methylated spirits burn very cleanly. Used in fuel stoves, this product burns hotter than many common stove fuels. Keep this in mind when using it in hurricane lamps. Some lamps are fragile and the excessive heat can damage them. Also, it is not typically used in hurricane lamps because the flame is not very bright.


Ethyl alcohol is commonly used in alcoholic beverages, as a solvent, an antifreeze and as fuel. Methyl alcohol is poisonous and is added to ethyl alcohol to keep it from being drunk. Two teaspoons of methyl alcohol can cause blindness, brain damage and death. As a result, methylated spirits should never be ingested. As a general rule, any product with an ingredient that begins with 'meth' is toxic.