How to Donate Used Clothing to Third World Countries

When you donate your clothes to charity, you hope that the clothes will be put to good use. Maybe they'll benefit another family in your town that doesn't have the money to purchase new clothes or maybe they'll be sent to a Third World country where they'll be given to people that have nothing. Unfortunately, this isn't quite the case. If you want to donate clothes to a Third World country, you need to do it through a charitable organisation. This organisation will try to sell about 10 per cent of your clothes, using the money to support efforts in the U.S., according to ABC News. The organisation will sell the remainder to entrepreneurs in Third World countries, who will either turn your clothes into rags or sell them at a profit. It still benefits the Third World country, as people can purchase for a low price and it stimulates the local economy. However, that probably wasn't your intention. Still, donating clothes is a good way to make a difference.

Launder and sort the clothes that you wish to donate. Be sure that clothes are clean. It doesn't matter if they have a few stains or are missing buttons. Sorting them can help the people at the charity, but it isn't necessary.

Find a charity in your area that accepts clothing donations. Remember that the charity may use some of the clothes to earn money for their efforts at home, but most of your clothes will go to the Third World, no matter what charity.

Drop off the clothes with the charity. Most will have a specific place where you can drop the clothes off in plastic bags. You can often find the bin at churches or local businesses that act as drop off points for the charity.

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