How to Know If a Birkenstock Is Original

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Birkenstock produces high quality, expensive shoes comprising of patented soles and premium leather. Many companies have started to make and sell replicas that resemble original Birkenstocks but lack the original's quality. Unfortunately, these replicas are often passed off as originals, with unsuspecting buyers being duped. One of the biggest clues you purchased a fake Birkenstock is the price is much lower than the original. However, there are a number of ways you can check the authenticity of the merchandise.

Examine the shoebox. Genuine Birkenstocks are packed in boxes with pictures of the product on the outside. Also, it is a good idea to open the box at the store to ensure you've got the right footwear.

Look for a barefoot stamp on the Birkenstock shoebox as well as the shoe itself. The stamp on the box will be on the front of the lid. The stamp on the shoe will be about 1½-inches long and can be found on the sole of an original Birkenstock. The Birkenstock sole stamp is either narrow or wide and is primarily used to designate if the footwear is designed for a narrow or wide fit.

Look for the registered trademark logo as well as a 'Made in Germany' insignia right underneath it. Normally, a replica will misspell the logo or might not have a logo on it at all. This is one of the best ways to judge the merchandise's authenticity.

Weigh the shoe you are purchasing with a genuine Birkenstock shoe, if you have one. Replicas are heavier than their original counterparts, and you will be able to differentiate between them. However, 'Birkis' is a genuine brand produced by Birkenstock and will be lighter than the regular Birkenstock.

Look for a 'Made in China' insignia on the footwear product. This means the shoe is a replica.

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