How to Make a Cardboard Fireplace

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Making a fireplace from cardboard is an easy and cheap way to add a fun, decorative touch to a room. It's a particularly good decoration for Christmas time when you need a place to hang stockings or want to convince children that Santa really does have a way into your home. This fireplace begins as a cardboard appliance box. You paint it to give it the look of brick and metallic paper flames adorn its face.

Tape the box closed. Measure down 48 inches from the top and make marks every few inches around the perimeter of the box to create a dotted, horizontal line. Cut along the dotted line to create a shorter box.

Decide which side of the box will be the front of the fireplace. From the front, measure 12 inches back along the top and sides. Mark and cut off the rest of the box as in the previous step. You now have a square or rectangular front with 12-inch wide sides and top.

Lay the box down flat on one of the large remaining pieces of cardboard from the box. Trace around the fireplace to create a square or rectangle as big as the front of the fireplace. Cut to size. Tape this shape to the back of the fireplace. This piece will help stabilise the fireplace.

Spray paint the entire fireplace red or tan. Allow to dry completely. Use grey craft paint and a paintbrush to paint rectangular brick shapes in a staggered pattern around the entire fireplace.

Apply a 2-inch strip of wood grain Contact paper around the top edge of the fireplace and over the top of the fireplace to simulate a wooden mantel.

Cut a 20-by-20 inch square from black poster board. Glue it to the centre of fireplace along the bottom. Cut flame shapes in assorted sizes from metallic wrapping paper. Glue them in layers onto the black poster board.

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