How to Complete a Form in PDF Format

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PDF stands for portable document format. It was created by Adobe and made an open standard in 2008. PDF files are cross-platform documents that retain the formatting of documents created in word processors and other software programs. For this reason, PDF is one of the most frequently used files formats for document sharing and for online forms. Without software capable of editing a PDF file, it can be difficult to fill in an online PDF form. However, there are a couple of options that will allow you to easily fill in online PDF forms and save them to your computer.

Open the PDF form you want to fill out. If the form is online, download it to your computer.

Once the form is on your computer. Choose a PDF-editing website to fill in your form. This is the easiest way. There are several options, including PDFEscape, PDF Hammer, and free software called PDFill. Any of these tools will let you fill in PDF forms.

Open your document on the website you choose. PDFEscape requires a signup, but there is no charge. PDF Hammer doesn't require you to sign up. Both websites work the same way.

Press the upload button to open the PDF document you want to upload and edit. Your form will open in an editing window. The form fields will be editable. Type the information into your form fields and click the "Save" icon. The PDF form can be saved to your computer desktop and opened by any software that reads PDF files.

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