How to Use an Airlock on a Beer Kit

Jeremy Hudson/Photodisc/Getty Images

The popularity of microbreweries and craft beers has helped to create a large community of homebrewers and beer enthusiasts. Many companies offer complete home brew kits that contain all the equipment a budding brewer needs to create their first batch of delicious beer.

To the inexperienced brewer, some of the equipment is complicated, but each piece plays a vital role in creating a successful beer. The airlock in a home brew kit is responsible for allowing gas to escape during the fermentation period, allowing gas to escape without letting outside air in.

Soak the airlock components separately in sanitising solution for at least five minutes to ensure sanitation.

Assemble the airlock and fill it halfway with sterile water.

Place a cork or rubber washer in the top of your fermentation vessel.

Insert the narrow end of the airlock into the fermentation vessel's cork or rubber wash. The airlock should fit snugly so that any gas escaping the fermentation vessel is forced through the airlock, not around it.