Cotton ball igloo crafts

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Igloos are shelters built by natives in Alaska to keep them warm during the winter. Igloos are usually built of snow and ice, and have been also found in Russia, Greenland and Asia, according to Eskimold. When it's too cold outside to go out and play, doing a craft on igloos can be a fun activity.

Cotton ball igloo

To make a cotton ball igloo, cut out a door from the front of a disposable paper or styrofoam bowl. Paint the igloo with glue and stick on cotton balls. Make them appear like ice cubes. Add a plastic toy penguin, or make a penguin by cutting an egg cup from an egg carton and painting it black. Cut a piece of orange construction paper into a triangle to create a beak and cut a white oval for his tummy. Cut out triangles for flippers. Glue them onto your egg cup and add googly eyes to finish off your penguin.

Cotton ball igloo and penguin

Cut a third off the top of a styrofoam ball. Place it so the flat part is on the table and the circle part is up. Paint the outside of the igloo with glue and place cotton balls all around it. Cut a door out of black construction paper and paste it onto the igloo. Put snowflake sequins on the top. To make a penguin, colour the outside of a large cotton ball black or glue two together. Cut out pieces of foam to make flippers for your penguin. Glue on googly eyes.

Indoor igloo

Cut a hole in the bottom of an empty sour cream container. Place self-adhesive square stickers all around the sour cream container, giving it the appearance of bricks. Place the container bottom side up on a table. Cut black paper to make a doorway for the igloo. Then fill the inside of the igloo with cotton balls. Make a penguin by cutting an oval out of black construction paper. Cut a smaller black circle for the head of your penguin, and two small circles for the inside of the eyes. Cut a white tummy for the penguin using white construction paper. Cut out two small white circles for eyes. Use orange paper to cut out a beak and feet. Glue your penguin together. Once it dries it can play in its igloo.

Paper igloo

Draw an igloo on a piece of black construction paper using a white crayon. Dab glue on the igloo and fill it in with cotton balls. Then create other figures out of construction paper, such as polar bears, penguins or an Eskimo catching a fish. Add them to your picture.

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