How to Spot Fake Nike Air Max 24-7 Shoes

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Brand name is one the most influential factors in shopping. No one wants to pay for a particular label only to find out they've been duped into buying a fake. When you pay top dollar you expect an authentic product. Though many imitation Nike Air Max 24-7s look very similar to the real shoes, it is easy to spot fakes when you know what you're looking for. A little knowledge can spare you the frustration and inconvenience of wasting money.

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Look down at the shoe from above. The Nike logo on the insole should have one circled "R" symbol designating it as a registered trademark. A fake shoe may have two of these symbols, one to the right of the word "Nike" and one between "Nike" and the "swoosh" symbol.

Examine the words "Air Max" on the top of the tongue. The letters of each word should be consistently sized with the other letters of the same word.

Flip the shoe upside down so the sole is facing up. There will be a "Nike+" symbol on the centre of the bottom, demonstrating that the shoe is compatible with a Nike+ sensor to monitor distance, time and calories. The symbol will look accurate but will not work when synced with a Nike+ MP3 player or wrist band.

Hold the shoe so the heel is facing you. The strip of material down the centre of the heel should be a slightly reflective material.

Turn the shoe around so the tongue is facing you. The lace loop down the centre of the tongue should be reflective. The material of the lace loop should also match the material down the centre of the toe box both in fabric and alignment.

Rotate the shoe in a horizontal circle to assess the centre stripe and the midsole. The midsole refers to the fabric of the shoe that wraps around just above the rubber sole. This part should be made of matt leather and the centre stripe above it should be reflective.

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