How to stop patent leather shoes from squeaking

Nothing is more stylish than a new pair of patent leather shoes, but what is the point of wearing them when they squeak every time you take a step? Squeaking shoes embarrassingly draw attention and are disruptive to others when walking through an otherwise quiet space.

And just try to walk on your heels or toes to stop the squeaking without looking goofy. Cut out the awful noise and regain your confident (but quiet) stride by treating the leather, relaxing the soles and eliminating friction.

Treat the leather with leather shoe lotion. Use damp cloth to remove any loose dirt from the shoes. Rub a thin coat of lotion into all leather parts of the shoe, inside and out. Work the lotion into the leather for several minutes, then buff the shoes dry with a clean, soft towel. The lotion will soften the leather and eliminate any friction caused by two leather parts rubbing together (such as the tongue and the shoe).

Relax the soles by bending them. Holding the heel in one hand and the toe in the other hand, gently push in on both ends to bend the sole slightly. Repeat bending movements for several minutes.

Relax the soles by massaging them. Place a wooden spoon inside the shoe. Using medium to firm pressure, hold the spoon at a slight angle and push it back and forth across the entire length of the sole. Massage the soles with the wooden spoon for several minutes. Remove the insoles if necessary.

Eliminate friction between the insole and the sole by sprinkling a layer of baby powder between them.