How to thread a sewing machine

Threading a sewing machine can be difficult at first. Once you learn how, though, the whole process will take you only a few seconds and you'll be on your way sewing together anything you need. It does require somewhat of a good eye sight and good aim, so get your glasses if you need them to see up close.

Raise the needle to its highest position by turning the handwheel toward you.

Raise the presser foot. This will allow the thread to easily pass through the threading points and will prevent the machine needle from becoming unthreaded when you begin to stitch.

Place a spool of thread on the spool pin located at the top of your sewing machine. If the spool pin runs horizontally, secure the spool of thread with the cap provided.

Take hold of the thread end and pass it through the designated threading points on the top of the machine casing, then down toward the tension assembly. The tension assembly is located on the left side of the machine and controls the flow of thread.

Take the thread under the tension assembly and back up through the next threading point at the top left of the machine. Make sure the thread has passed between two tension discs as well as the hook that may be attached to the left side of the tension dial.

Push the thread end through the lever at the top left of the machine, if applicable, and down through the threading points at bottom left and above the needle.

Thread the needle from the front or back of the needle. The threading direction will depend on your machine type.

Pull a few inches of thread through the eye of the needle and pull the thread to your left.

Insert a wound bobbin into the machine, if necessary, and close the throat plate. A few inches of bobbin thread should be pulled out to the right and sticking out from under the closed throat plate.

Take hold of the thread that has been threaded through the machine needle.

Rotate the hand wheel toward you until the needle disappears into the bobbin case.

Keep holding on to the thread and move the hand wheel so the needle is once again at its highest position. As the needle rises, a loop of bobbin thread will come up as well.

Pull the thread out toward your left to draw the bobbin thread loop further out of the bobbin case.

Let the top thread go and pull the bobbin thread up until the end comes up. Pull the top and bottom threads under the presser foot and to the back and right of the machine.