Karada Instructions

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Used in the Japanese art of rope binding called Shibari or Kinbaku, a Karada is a rope harness that is used to bind a lover in preparation for sexual play. Karadas refer specifically to a type of harness that wraps around the torso and back and cross tightly through the groin area.

Karadas are not used to suspend people, but are meant to bind people in standing or lying down situations. Karadas can also be used as decorative rope designs that are worn as erotic clothing.

Locate the centre of the rope and mark it with a pen so that you don't lose track of it.

Drape the centre of the rope over the participants shoulders, so that it hangs down in front of them equally over both sides of the torso.

Twist the two ropes around the front of the persons three times, creating three diamond-shaped twists.

Bring the ends of the rope up through the person legs, under the groin area, and then up and apart on the other side.

Bring the rope around the persons waist on each side and wrap through the front rope, below the three twists.

Bring the rope back behind the person and wrap it around the body again, this time looping it through the lower diamond of the three twists.

Do this a total of three times, passing the rope around the person back and then forward through the looped diamonds until all three have been passed through.

After passing the rope around the person's body and through the top diamond, bring it around the body again and then up and around their neck, so that both ends are placed at the top of the back.

Bring the extra rope down the back, passing it underneath the rope that criss-crosses the back.

Use this rope to tighten up the Karada and then tie it off or keep it loose as a leash.