How to Put My Space Bar Back on My Acer Laptop

The various keys on your keyboard can easily become dislodged and fall out if your laptop is dropped or bumped. Most of the keyboard keys are held in place with a small plastic hinge, but the space bar on your Acer laptop is, instead, kept in place with a metal retaining clip.

If the space bar on your laptop has fallen off, you can quickly snap it back onto the keyboard on your own without having to take the unit to a computer repair shop.

Shut off the Acer laptop's operating system. Close the lid and flip the laptop over. Move the battery latch into the unlock position and remove the battery.

Flip the Acer laptop back over and open the lid. Check the bottom of the space bar key to see if the metal retaining clip is still inside the key or if it remained in the laptop.

Insert the edge of a flathead screwdriver underneath the metal retaining clip if it is still in the space bar key. Lift the screwdriver up slowly until the metal clip pops off the key.

Snap the metal retaining clip into the plastic hooks on the Acer laptop. Set the space bar back onto the laptop and push down on all four corners until it locks into place.

Put the battery back into the Acer laptop. Power on the computer, and attempt to use the space bar to ensure it was installed correctly.