How to use *57 to trace a phone call

There may be times when you get a distressing call or someone begins to harass you, and you need to trace the phone number. By pressing a series of buttons on your phone you can trace the phone number and find the person who has been calling you.

Hang up your phone then lift the receiver again. Make sure there is a dial tone. There is a fee for this service and you will either be charged every time you trace a call or you will select and pay for this service upfront. To pay for this service upfront, contact your phone company and inquire about your options.

Press *57 on your phone. According to, if you have a rotary dial phone, you can dial 1157.

Listen to the announcement that verifies that the call has been traced. You will not get the actual number. The phone company records the traced phone number.

Contact the phone company to request an authorisation form be sent to you to sign. For example, states that after you dial *57, immediately call the phone company (to verify that you initiated call trace) and it will send you the authorisation form to sign. According to, you will have to sign the authorisation form before the phone number is turned over to law enforcement officials. You can authorise law enforcement officials to further investigate the matter.

Call your local police department and file a report. According to, the police will contact the phone company directly and work with them to begin an investigation. The police department will request the date and time of the calls as well as the traced phone call from the phone company.

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