How to Send a Fax From the UK to USA

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Need to send an overseas fax from the United Kingdom to the United States? Here's how to send your fax using both a standard fax machine and an online fax service.

Prepare the document that you need to fax to the United States. Make sure the print is as clear as possible and not smudged, given that smudges will make the fax very hard to read once it reaches the United States.

Make sure that your fax machine is plugged in and connected to a phone line with long distance phone service that will allow you to call the United States from the United Kingdom.

Choose the correct setting. If the fax machine is a multipurpose machine, make sure that it is set to fax mode rather than phone mode or copy mode.

Check the fax number for the location in the United States that will receive your fax. A U.S. fax number will have an area code followed by seven digits. For example, a correct 10-digit number would be: (123) 456-7890.

Include the country code. In the area to enter the fax number, dial "00," then push "1" (the country code for the United States). Next, enter the remaining 10 digits of the fax number for the U.S. location. You should be dialling a total of 13 digits.

Push the button to send the fax. Assuming your fax machine is correctly connected and configured to send international faxes, your fax should now be sent from the UK to the United States.

Log into your online fax account. You must have an account in order to use an online fax service.

Check the format requirements for your online fax service. If the file must be in a specific format, such as a PDF, convert your document to that format. If the document you are trying to fax to the United States from the UK is a printed paper document, you will probably need to scan the document onto your computer in order to fax it with an online fax service.

Follow the instructions for your chosen online fax service to fax your document from the UK to the United States.

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