How to build a layout for toy farm

If your kid loves playing farm, they will really love having a whole farm layout to set things up on. This unique toy slides right under a bed for easy storage.

Use the sandpaper to smooth the door on both sides.

Use a pencil to sketch out the basics of your farm. Mark in roads, pastures, crops and a place to put the barn and farmhouse. Maybe sketch in a kitchen garden near the house site. At one end you might draw in a small town with a store and a school or maybe a neighbouring farm.

Use the white, brown, black and green paints to paint the major features of the layout. For the barn site and farmhouse site, paint a square or rectangle that will accommodate those toys. Be sure to paint around the edges of the door.

Use the other colours and smaller brushes to paint in the details. Paint in the crops, rows between the crops, lines on the roads, flowers and some little animals.

Let the front of the farm dry, then flip it over and use the drill to attach the four wheels.

Seal the front painted part of the door to protect it against animals, tractors and pickup trucks.

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