How to Make a Stonehenge Diorama

Stonehenge image by Horticulture from

Dioramas are 3-D models that typically have a painted background. Some dioramas have a glass front or are encased in glass. Using a diorama to re-create and illustrate the world famous historical Stonehenge is an excellent way to exhibit the beauty of the monument. Adding a few realistic figures of sheep and people that are proportional to stones in Stonehenge will allow viewers to get an accurate image of the size of the monument.

Cut the longer side of small box or a shoebox out leaving the bottom for the diorama of Stonehenge and 3 sides to paint a background scene. Alternatively, you may cut the other two short sizes leaving a bottom for the model and one backside panel to be painted.

Create an outline of the location of the stones in Stonehenge on the bottom of the box with a pencil using a aerial image to guide the placement of the stones.

Paint the grass and paths on the bottom of the box.

Paint the background and sides-if you kept them-with a scene of an open grazing field with a herd of sheep.

Glue large rocks to the display board or rocks made of paper mache in the formation of the stones at Stonehenge.

Glue a few sheep figures in front of the background that are in proportion to the stones at Stonehenge.

[Optional] Glue a few human tourist figures-that are proportional-to the foot path around the Stonehenge monument.

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