Rectangular garden design plan

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Garden designs come in shapes ranging from square to curvy and odd-angled, as well as basic rectangles. A rectangular garden designed properly can add an abundance of space to your outdoor living area and greatly enhance your lifestyle.


Instead of hiding the fact that the shape is a rectangle, work with what you have. Pavers laid in an undulating curvy fashion add width and dimension. Benches built along a side wall provide additional seating, and tall plants, such as horsetail fern or bamboo, offer a Zen approach to this garden design.


A basic rectangular yard can be developed into an interesting space by building multilevel planters, adding dimension and creating a retreat area with space for eating, relaxing or entertaining. Build low-terraced walls to emphasise different levels and to create outdoor rooms that provide a variety of uses.

Xeriscaped Design

Use a xeriscape design in a rectangular yard in a region with little water. A pathway developed with decomposed granite can be built that curves throughout the rectangular space, underemphasising the standard yard shape. You can place river rocks in areas not used for walking and plant drought-tolerant plants, such as lavender and blue fescue, around the river rocks for texture, colour and height.

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