How to scare badgers away from your home

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Badgers can wreak havoc on lawns and gardens, digging up vegetables and getting into rubbish bins. They will also help themselves to animal food and water dishes and dig holes in the lawn looking for worms and other readily available food. Fortunately, they are very cautious animals and, with a little convincing, will readily move on to a free meal that is easier to get.

Keep pet dishes indoors over night. If the badger isn't getting a readily available meal, it may be enough to encourage him to move on. Any food waste should be put into a metal dustbin. If you keep a compost bin, make sure it is at least 1.5 metres high, with smooth sides (badgers can climb) and a secure lid.

Install an automatic sprinkler system, set to go off regularly, to scare away badgers in your garden. A motion sensor light will also work. As the badger moves across the garden, the light with flash on, scaring it away. Some people have also had luck with a scarecrow or a radio left playing at night. If a badger thinks that a human is around, it will not approach the area.

Keep a badger from digging in your garden by putting thick canvas around your plants in the garden. If you are still planting, set the canvas down, and cut through it to create holes for the plants to grow through. If the garden is already planted, cut the material around the plants the best that you can. Even laying the material between the plants will help a little. Badgers will not easily be able to get through the fabric and will be deterred.

Build a fence to keep badgers out. This can be used for your garden right away but you need to make sure that the badgers are out of the area first. If you build without checking, you might end up with a badger caught inside your garden. Because badgers can both climb and dig, the fence should start 30 to 50 cm below the ground and go up to at least 1.5 metres in height. The sides should be smooth; brick or cement blocks work well. Badgers are powerful animals, and any fence should be sturdy enough to handle their attempts to get through it.

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