How to Connect a Wireless Adapter Via an Ethernet Port

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A wireless adaptor can be connected to a computer or networking router so multiple devices can communicate with each other or access the Internet. The fastest way to hook up a wireless adaptor to a computer is via an Ethernet cable connected to ports on the PC and the adaptor. An Ethernet cable resembles a standard landline telephone cable, only the plugs on each end are wider. Connecting the wireless adaptor to a PC takes less than a minute using an Ethernet cable.

Shut down the computer or laptop and disconnect the wireless adaptor from the power cord.

Insert one end of an Ethernet cable into the port on the back of the wireless adaptor along the base, with the locking tab on the plug turned upward. The plug will lock in the port with a click.

Connect the plug on the other end to any free Ethernet port on the computer.

Insert the DC power plug in the round electrical socket on the wireless adaptor, then connect the transformer on the other end to a wall outlet.

Check the connection by verifying the LED on the computer is illuminated next to the Ethernet port.

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