How to Make a Birthday Candy Bar Story Card

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Giving someone a card is a great way to recognise a special event like a birthday, but making a chocolate bar story card is even better. Candy lovers will delight in the time and sentiment behind the chocolate bar story card, not to mention the tasty treats included. You create the card using store-bought candy to help tell a story, and each one can be as distinctive as the person receiving it. For added flair, try crafting a card using all one type of candy, such as chocolate or fruit-flavoured.

Buy a variety of candy and candy bars. Choose candy with a story in mind, picking brand names that can be tailored to fit in. For example, if the card is for a music lover, choose candy with fitting names such as Symphony or Skor.

Write your message out on paper before using the hard-backed poster board. This allows you to focus on your message first and gives you the opportunity to edit it. Use phrases that incorporate the names of the candy, such as: "You walk into a room and I hear a Symphony! It was a Skor when I met you," or "I wanted to TAKE 5 and tell you what a SPECIAL (Hershey's Special Dark) person you are."

Write your final birthday message on the hard-backed poster board, leaving space for each chocolate bar. Lay the candy on the board first to get a general idea of placement and how much space is needed.

Stick each chocolate bar in its place in the message with double-sided tape. The tape holds the candy in place but allows for easy removal.

Decorate the edges of the card with cut-out shapes, designs, words, photos, glitter or confetti. These items also can be used throughout the card for added colour and impact.

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