How to Find an Old Doctor

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You might want to get in contact with an old doctor for any number of reasons: perhaps he is familiar with the history of a particular medical problem or has records you need. Maybe you just want to see an old friend or hear a reassuring voice. Fortunately, doctors are important people, so whatever your reason for wanting to find your old doctor, a quick search of the records in several places might help you get in touch.

Obtain the phone directory for the community where your old doctor practised or lived and check there first. If the doctor worked at a hospital that is still open, check with the administrator or other doctors at the facility. There's a good chance they'll know where your doctor has gone.

Launch your Web browser and query your preferred search engine. Enter the doctor's full name and the last known address where he lived or practised. See what comes up on the Web; there's a good chance you will find useful contact information in a matter of minutes.

Use the American Medical Association's "DoctorFinder" (see Resources). This is a database of nearly a million doctors who are licensed to practice in the United States.

Check with the National Association of Retired Physicians. This organisation's website offers a directory of retired physicians that can be searched online (see Resources).

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