How to Fit an IKEA Klippan Sofa Cover

The IKEA Klippan sofa comes in two sizes: loveseat and four-seater sofa. The sofa and sofa cover are sold separately, so you can mix and match your cover according to your decor, or quickly replace soiled or damaged covers. The Klippan sofa cover can be installed at home in just a few easy steps.

Ensure there is adequate working space around your Klippan sofa. If necessary, pull your sofa away from the wall and move any other furniture or objects that may get in the way. Remove the existing Klippan sofa cover if you have one.

Drape the Klippan sofa cover over your sofa so that the corners are aligned. Pull the cover down all the way so that the edges are in line with the base of the sofa. The Velcro along the edges of the cover should be facedown.

Attach the Velcro on the cover to the Velcro on the sofa. The main Velcro fastening strip runs around the perimeter of the underside of the sofa. Tip the sofa up onto each longitudinal side for better access and vision when joining the Velcro strips.

Tuck the cover in along the junctions between the seat and back cushions. This includes the line between the seats and the arms, and the back and the arms. Insert the foam strips that come with the cover in the crease between the seat cushions and each arm. These will help prevent the cover from slipping off the sofa.

Tip the couch on its front side and attach the Velcro strips on the sofa cover that have been pushed though behind the seat cushions to the Velcro strip provided on the underside of the sofa. Return the sofa to an upright position.

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