How to Replace the Bulb in a Mini Maglite

The Mini Maglite is a useful flashlight to have around the house or in a small area such as a car glove box or a woman's purse. Maglite flashlights also convert to a candle mode making them very handy to have in your household in the event of a power outage. The flashlight became popular because of its bulb's strength and it's miniature design. The Mini Maglite is equipped with a spare bulb within the flashlights bottom compartment, ensuring the replacement can be done anywhere in a matter of minutes.

Turn the Mini Maglite flashlight off. Unscrew the tail cap, which is the end of the flashlight that houses the batteries. Once unscrewed you will have access to a spare bulb. Remove the spare bulb protective cover and pull the spare bulb out. Replace the end cap. If you have already used your spare bulb, you may order a new one from Maglite directly.

Remove the Mini Maglite head assembly by twisting it off; this will give you access to the bulb.

Grasp the bulb and carefully pull the bulb from the socket. Dispose of the bulb properly.

Examine the spare bulb and make sure the pins are straight. Insert the new bulb into the socket. Twist the head assembly back onto the Mini Maglite and turn the flashlight on to ensure the bulb works properly.

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