How to make flavoured popcorn in a popcorn popper

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Popcorn can be made over an open fire or in popcorn machines, popcorn poppers and microwave ovens. Popcorn has been made on the hob in pans and convenient aluminium serving packages. Popcorn has always been a cinema favourite and, in recent years, gourmet varieties in a range of flavours have become very popular.

Make your own fun popcorn flavours in a popcorn popper.

Deciding on a flavour may be a matter of deciding on your oil. Oils come in flavours, and the most popular for popcorn is butter flavoured. Flavoured oils can be purchased in specialist shops or from online suppliers. Ask about using the oil for popcorn before you buy.

Making your own oil is not as difficult as it sounds. Recipes are easy to find. Oils can take 30 minutes to five hours to prepare. Infused oils require sitting for a week or two for the flavour of the herbs or spices to infuse the oil.

Follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully if you are using a popcorn popper. The general rule is to use 75 ml (1/3 cup) of oil for every cup of corn kernels.

Flavouring popcorn with a glaze is one way to get the rich caramel flavour that is very popular. Glazes can be purchased, but you can also find recipes. When making glazed popcorn, more cooking time may be required. There are recipes that require 45 minutes of oven time to complete.

Dissolve seasoning into melted butter to create unique flavours for your popcorn. You can make any flavour imaginable using herbs and spices. For example, make cajun popcorn with cajun spices dissolved into melted butter; pour over your popcorn and toss.

Shake on a seasoning for a simple way to make flavoured popcorn.The same way you add salt, you can add a special flavour. Garlic salt is a very popular popcorn seasoning, but you can buy a variety of shaker seasonings specially made for popcorn.