How to Cook Frozen Bacon in the Microwave

Bacon is a wonderful addition to just about anything. It is used to top salads, added to soups, served alongside eggs, on top of a burger, and even in doughnuts. It is versatile and a wonderful meat to keep around for general cooking. You can freeze excess bacon to save it for future uses. There are many ways to cook your bacon, including the oven, the hob, or even in the microwave.

Thaw the frozen bacon before cooking. The best way to do this is to put it in the refrigerator and leave it overnight to thaw. If you need the bacon immediately, place the frozen bacon on a microwave safe plate and place it in the microwave. Select your microwave's defrost setting and indicate the weight of the bacon to be defrosted. Make sure you check the bacon periodically; you are trying to defrost it at this point and not cook it. If you find that the bacon is starting to cook, take it out of the microwave and proceed to the next step. A third method is to microwave the frozen bacon for one minute on regular power.

Pull apart your defrosted bacon so that you have individual strips. If the bacon is still slightly frozen together, use a butter knife to pry the strips of bacon apart.

Place a piece of paper towel onto a microwave safe plate. The paper towel will help absorb the fat that drains out of the bacon. If you do not use paper towels, you will have limp soggy bacon.

Place your strips of bacon on top of your paper towel lined plate. Make sure the bacon strips are not touching one another.

Place a second piece of paper towel on top of the bacon.

Place the plate into the microwave and use the microwave's highest setting to cook the bacon for three to six minutes, or until you reach your desired doneness.

Remove the plate from the microwave. Be careful, since the plate will be hot. For safest removal, use oven gloves.

Use the back of a wooden spoon to press down on the paper towel. This will help soak up any excess fat and grease, and prevent you from burning your hands.

Allow the bacon to cool on the plate for one minute. Remove the paper towel before serving your bacon. Do not allow the paper towels to remain on the bacon past the initial cooling period, or else you will end up with the paper towels sticking to the bacon.

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