How to Use Eye Bolts to Lift Electric Motors

Large electric motors are heavy and require specialized lifting equipment to install or move. There should be at least one threaded hole on the top of the motor, into which you can thread eye bolts, allowing you to connect a lifting device. Install the eye bolts properly or they may snap under the weight of the motor.

Select a bottom tap from the tap set that matches the diameter and threads of the threaded hole(s) located on the top of the electric motor.

Open the T-handle tap wrench by turning the locking handle counter-clockwise, insert the square end of the bottom tap into the opening of the T-handle and tighten it to secure the tap.

Align the bottom tap with the threaded hole and turn the T-handle clockwise to thread the tap into the hole.

Run the bottom tap into the threaded hole until you reach the bottom of the hole.

Reverse the direction of the tap to remove the threaded tap from the hole.

Clean the bottom tap with a rag and repeat the process of running the tap into the hole until the tap comes out of the threaded hole clean. If there are multiple threaded lifting holes on the electric motor, clean all the threaded holes in the same manner.

Thread the eye bolt by hand into the cleaned, threaded hole until you can no longer turn the eye bolt.

Insert the drift pin or large screwdriver into the eye of the eye bolt and push it clockwise to tighten the bolt into the threaded hole. Ensure that the shoulder of the eye bolt is tight to the surface of the electric motor, or the bolt could snap when you lift.

Attach the lifting equipment to the eye bolt(s) and ensure that there is no hardware holding the electric motor in place.

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