How to Disassemble a Gerber Multi Tool

stock pictures of a multi tool folding knife image by Albert Lozano from

Gerber multi-tools come in a variety of sizes. These devices are self-contained collections of hand tools and knife blades set into a metal housing. Over time, the fixtures on the housings need to be serviced. In addition, tools may break or wear down, requiring disassembly of the Gerber.

Taking these units apart follows the same basic pattern, but different tools may be needed for the different models offered by the company.

Set the multi-tool onto a flat work surface and inspect the housing. Look for a small hexagonal hole in the centre of the attachment points on the handles. If present, use Allen keys to loosen and disassemble the device. If not, use the small needle nose pliers and vice grips.

Open the handle. Spray solvent into the attachment screws and bolts. Wipe away any excess solvent along with the debris and grit the solvent flushes out.

Unscrew the retaining-screws and bolts. If there are no hexagonal holes for the Allen keys, grip the setscrews with the needle nose pliers on one side, and the vice grips on the other and use opposing force to loosen and unscrew.

Remove the metal retaining rod from the handles and pick out the tools and knife blades. Take care to set them down on a clean area in the order they came out, so you know how to replace them when reassembling the device.

Wipe down each tool and blade with a small coating of 3-in-1 oil as you remove them and set them aside.