How to Repair a Garden Fork

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Garden forks, often used to loosen compact soil, occasionally need repair when the handle splits or breaks or the tines become out of shape when hitting hard objects. Handle replacement and straightening the tines are common repairs for the do-it-yourself homeowner and gardener. Maintaining garden tools on a regular basis will extend the life of a garden fork.

Cut the broken handle off with a hacksaw, close to the metal eye that holds the handle in place on the garden fork.

Unscrew the wood screw through the metal eye with a drill and remove it from the handle.

Pry the remaining old handle pieces out of the eye with a flat screwdriver.

Apply a generous amount of wood glue in the metal eye. Press the new handle into the eye. Place the garden fork in a vice and turn the handle clockwise to hold it tightly. Pound the handle into place with a rubber mallet.

Drill a hole into the handle through the opening of the eye. Insert a wood screw in the hole so that it goes almost entirely through the new handle. Tighten the wood screw with a drill.

Place the metal eye of the garden fork in a vice and tighten the clamps to hold it firmly.

Place vice grips on the bent tine of the garden fork. Clamp the vice grips handles together tightly. Bend the tine back into its original shape with the vice grips.

Continue this process to bend each tine into position.

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