How to Insert Heli-Coils in Plastic

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Heli-Coil is a brand name for helical inserts. They are used to repair damaged threads in plastic, steel or aluminium. Heli-Coils are placed in plastic to enhance the holding power of the screws.

Heli-Coils inserts in plastic are often used in car or home repair when the plastic has been stripped out of the hole made by the screw. This task can be accomplished with little expertise in the car or home repair arena.

Note the size of the screw you are going to place in the plastic. Purchase a Heli-Coil kit designed for the appropriate screw size. This kit will contain a tap, Heli-Coils and Heli-Coil insertion tool.

Read the manufacturer's directions on the Heli-Coil kit to determine what size to drill the hole. This will be decided by the size of the screw.

Drill out the hole in the plastic. Tap the hole with the Heli-Coil tap.

Insert the Heli-Coil with the Heli-Coil insertion tool provided in the kit. Ensure the Heli-Coil is below the top surface of the plastic.

Break the tang off the Heli-Coil with a small punch inserted through the middle of the Heli-Coil. This keeps it from screwing further into the plastic.