How to look up a phone number that has called my phone

If you receive a phone call and don't recognise the number, you might be curious as to who has called. Many individuals never answer calls from unknown numbers; they let their voicemail do the work.. But if the person doesn't leave a message, you're left wondering who it was that called. You can find out who the person was by completing a reverse lookup search on a phone number site. Just enter the number and you'll be able to view who called you.

Write down the number as it appears on your caller I.D., or bring your phone with you to the computer to perform the search.

Go to the website Navigate your way to the "Reverse Lookup" page, which is the third tab at the top of the page.

Enter the phone number in the phone number field on the "Reverse Lookup" landing page. Click "Find".

View the name and location of the person or business to which the phone number is registered. Unlisted numbers only will reveal the city and state of the person or business.

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