How to repair a garden bench

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A beautiful wooden garden bench that has sat out in your garden over the years will start to show wear. Years of exposure to sun, wind and weather will take quite a toll on the looks and strength of your garden bench. Contact with the ground can cause rot where the wood touches the ground. However, you can restore that bench to like new condition with a little time and effort.

Put on your safety glasses.

Power wash the bench on a concrete surface. Use a deck wash along with the power washer to clean the bench and help restore its looks. Replace any parts that are beyond repair at this point.

Sand the entire bench with a palm sander and 220-grit sandpaper after the bench has had a chance to dry. Put your dust mask on at this point.

Remove any wood rot and loose fibres, then repair with a rot filler following the directions on the can.

Mix a five minute epoxy glue as per label instructions and apply it to the legs where they touch the ground. Epoxy prevents the wood from absorbing any moisture from the ground.

Apply wood stain as needed to match the existing finish with a paint brush. You can also re-stain the whole bench at this point if you wish. Wipe the bench down with a clean rag after the stain has dried.

Apply an exterior spar finish to the bench according to the labels directions. This will restore the bench to like new conditions.

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