How to Clean Oak Beams

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Wooden structures tend to give homes a classical look and beauty. One of the strongest and long-lasting wood types is oak. If you put a little time into it, you can clean moulded, muddy and water-stained oak beams. Cleaning your oak beams will restore their beauty and brighten the atmosphere. While it is easiest to clean oak beams before installation, with a little more effort, you can clean installed oak beams as well.

Use a pressure washer to clean uninstalled oak wood beams. Follow pressure-washing instructions carefully.

Add sugar soap to warm water according to the directions on the soap container and use this solution and a scrub brush to wash installed or uninstalled beams. Then use a toothbrush and a wood scraper to remove all stubborn grime.

Use a steam cleaner to open up the wood grain where there are stubborn stains. Scrub the wood again with the scrub brush or toothbrush and warm soapy water.

Use a scraper to peel off any stubborn dirt and stains that come to the surface after steam cleaning and scrubbing the oak. Rinse the wood. Wait for the wood to dry completely. Repeat the process of steaming, scrubbing and scraping until you are satisfied with the cleanliness of your oak beams.

Use sandpaper all over the oak beams once they are dry to get rid of any splinters, broken shards and light stains.

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