How to sew a bed throw

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Bed throws are a fantastic way to add a splash of style and colour to any bedroom. You can choose any texture of fabric you like to bring warmth and comfort to your space. Popular fabrics such faux fur, fleece and cotton are great choices to create a chic new accessory for your bed. Minimal sewing is required, so even a novice will find this project easy to complete. You can personalise your throw even more by adding trims and notions that show your own style and creativity.

Determine the amount of fabric you will need by measuring your bed. For reference, the average width of a king-size bed is 152.4 cm (60 inches); the average super-king size bed is 193 cm (76 inches). The length of your throw should be 45 cm (18 inches) longer than the width of your bed. The width of your throw is your choice, but the recommended width is at least 2 metres (78 inches).

Choose the fabric for your bed throw. Consider materials that are soft, durable and washable. Faux fur and fleece are popular choices. Choose a colour that complements the room. You may also opt to have different coloured fabrics for the front and back of the throw, making it reversible.

Cut two panels of your fabric to size using sewing scissors. Using a flat surface, place the two panels on top of each other with the right side of the fabric facing in. Pin three sides of the two panels together along the edge of the fabric. Leave the fourth side open at approximately 18 cm (7 inches) wide. (This space allows for the throw to be flipped right side out after the two panels have been sewn together.)

Using the sewing machine, sew a 2.5-cm (1-inch) seam along the sides of the fabric, removing the pins as you go.

Flip the throw right side out by reaching into the opening and pulling the fabric through. Finish the throw by hand stitching the opening using the needle and thread.

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