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How to Check Voice Mail on a Nokia Phone

Updated February 21, 2017

In order to check the voicemail on a cell phone, you need to dial a certain phone number to access the voice mail menu. Luckily, Nokia has a special feature on their cell phones that allow you to check your voicemail at the press of only one button.

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  1. Turn your phone on by holding down the END button and waiting for the start up tone to play.

  2. Press the 1 button followed by TALK, or just hold the 1 button down until the automatic dial feature kicks in.

  3. Listen to your messages. You can either choose to delete the message by pressing 7, save it to the archives by pressing 9, or replay by pressing 4.

  4. Tip

    If you have a voicemail that has not yet been heard, a small icon will appear on your screen.

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