How to Use Jolene to Highlight Your Hair

Hair highlights can add subtle dimension and colour variance throughout hair. Jolene Crème Bleach, a product typically used to lighten dark facial and body hair, is sometimes used by people to highlight their hair. According to, Jolene Crème Bleach lightens excess hair on face, arms, body and brow. If it can lighten stubborn hair on the body and brow, then using the product to highlight your hair will work just as well.

Put your protective gloves on your hands. The gloves will help protect your skin from becoming irritated from the bleach.

Mix the Jolene Crème Bleach according to directions. Directions say to mix the bleach and accelerator products (that come in the Jolene kit) together on the tray and apply to hair.

Apply Jolene Crème Bleach to very small, thin hair strands using a small hair brush. The hair strands being bleached would work best if you use the ones around your face and on the top of your hair.

Use the foil to wrap bleached hair so that it doesn't affect other strands of hair.

Process hair for 10 to 20 minutes.

Rinse the bleach out of hair, shampoo and condition as normal.

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