How to Make Tiara Headbands

A tiara headband reproduces the appearance of a circlet tiara while fitting around the head from top to bottom. By making your own tiara headband, you can not only customise the design with your own favourite kinds of beads and rhinestones, but you can also dress like a princess without spending money like one.

Wear your tiara headband for costumes, parties or just everyday dress-up.

Prepare the wire headband. If it has any decorative pieces or cloth attached to it, remove them. If you can't simply pull them off, cut them away using wire snips.

Cut a large section of craft wire to use for the peaked top section of the tiara. The length will depend on how high you want the peak to be, but it will be somewhere in the range of 8 to 10 inches.

Attach the wire piece to the centre of the headband. Line up the middle of the wire with the top centre of the headband. Pinch the middle of the wire to form a sharp bend; this will be the top of the tiara. Next, create two similar bends on either side of the first bend at equal distances from the centre bend. Create two more bends just below these in order to wrap the remaining tail ends of the wire around the headband. Be sure to wrap and trim the wire so that the trimmed ends are positioned on the top of the headband so as to avoid scratching the wearer's head.

Thread a length of wire with crystal beads, rhinestones and pearls. This will be used to adorn the headband. Make at least a couple feet of threaded wire for this purpose.

Wrap the threaded wire around the headband, and most densely around the bent peak frame.

Add extra decorations using hot glue. Most likely, you will want to include a few large, flat rhinestones on the peak section. Do this by gluing them directly to the wire.