How to Find a Postal Address Using an Email Address

The majority of people today use software such as Microsoft Outlook to house important information such as the addresses and phone numbers of friends, colleagues and family. As you may have already learnt once or even twice, all it takes is one little computer virus and your data is gone.

If this has happened to you, don't fret. If you can remember someone's e-mail address, you can find their postal address.

Pull up an internet search directory with a large database, such as is a free directory. If you choose to use a directory that charges a fee, be sure they offer a guarantee so if the search returns no results, you can get a refund. A good fee-based directory is They charge £3.20 and have a "No-results, No-charge" guarantee.

Once you have located a directory, enter the e-mail address and click on the search button. It may take several minutes to get a response as the directory is searching a large database of information.

If this search directory doesn't return any results, don't stop there. Try a different site. Just because one directory doesn't have the information you're looking for doesn't mean another won't.