How to Get a Libra Man to Commit to a Relationship

A Libra is anyone born between the dates September 23 and October 22. Libra's ruling planet is Venus, which means those born under this sign are in love with love and enjoy being in relationships. This doesn't mean that they are easy to catch. There are different strategies you can attempt to snag and keep your Libra man. Once you have him, enjoy a long and happy marriage. Librans are also lovers of harmony and your man will do anything to keep peace in your household.

Attract him by acting like a lady. Libras enjoy elegance and refinement.

Keep his attention in the bedroom by dressing in tasteful lingerie and beautiful jewellery. Libras are very visual and he will keep coming back for more if you do not act trashy.

Avoid confrontations. Librans by nature are not adversarial and will not enjoy being in a relationship that is full of strife. Once you do have an argument, a Libra will make his point and drop the subject. To keep him, do the same.

Take an interest in his passions. Libras are lovers of art, music, poetry; basically anything having to do with the fine arts.

Give him compliments, but do not go too far. Libras have a knack for seeing dishonesty in others and if you are not being sincere, he will see right through you.

Keep up your physical appearance. Libras love everything that is beautiful and will move on if they stop seeing it in you.

Know when to walk away. Libras are two-sided when it comes to their personal time. When a Libra wants to sit and read a book by himself, allow this. When he is ready to head out and dance the night away, be prepared to keep up with his unmatched energy and stamina.

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