How to make a crown of thorns for an Easter play

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A realistic Easter play requires that the actor playing Jesus Christ wears a crown of thorns as part of his attire. After all, according to the biblical tale, the crown of thorns was placed on Jesus' head as a form of mockery and to cause additional pain as he was led to the brutal crucifixion on Calgary. Create a crown of thorns for your Easter play with a few items that are readily available at most craft supply stores.

Measure the circumference of the head of the person who will wear the crown of thorns in the Easter play.

Cut the length of grape vine about 10 cm (4 inches) longer than the head circumference measurement. Make a loop with the vine so that it will fit snugly on the person's head. Secure the loop by tying twine in a couple of spots to reinforce the hold.

Paint about 24 wooden toothpicks with brown craft paint and put them aside to dry.

Use hot glue on the inner perimeter of the crown. Stretch the headband so it encircles the inner perimeter of the crown and sticks to it with hot glue. This will make the crown much more comfortable to wear.

Insert the dried toothpicks into the weave of the grape vine. Use hot glue to hold them in place. Allow the glue about 20 minutes to dry completely.

Snip the ends of the toothpicks off at a slant, using a pair of nail clippers. The toothpicks are to be the thorns in the crown of thorns. You may need to touch up the very ends of the toothpicks with a tiny bit of brown craft paint after clipping these ends.

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