How to Inflate an Air Walker Balloon

AirWalker balloons add a festive air to any event or room because they have the ability to either float in place or roam about the room as if walking on air. Though the effect is impressive, anyone can tame an AirWalker.

Carefully open the package and remove the AirWalker balloon. Unfold the balloon and locate the fill valve tab. The tab will have a small round opening on one side.

Turn on the helium tank. Press the regulator nozzle to test. If using a metal, Mylar-specific nozzle, activate the nozzle by pressing the button at the base of the nozzle. If using a regular rubber nozzle, activate by bending the nozzle gently to one side.

Place the tab of the AirWalker over the nozzle and gently press or bend the nozzle to release helium into the balloon. Use short gentle bursts to prevent overinflation. Continue to fill the balloon until only a few wrinkles are visible in the skin of the balloon. Do not attempt to fill the balloon enough to remove all wrinkles, since this will cause the AirWalker to burst. If the AirWalker will be used in a warm area, or placed in direct hot sunlight, put less helium inside to allow for heat expansion.

Locate the tie tab and tie a length of ribbon to the tab. Some AirWalkers come with built-in ties; if so, use this. Either tie the other end of the ribbon to your final location or centrepiece or, for a travelling AirWalker, temporarily secure the other end of the ribbon to a weight or stationary object.

Gently pull the arms and legs away from the body of the AirWalker so that they hang freely. Some AirWalkers have inflatable hands and feet. If so, these should be inflated with air, using either a hand air pump or a straw to blow air into the balloon. For inflation, follow the guidelines in Step 3.

Untie the balloon from the weight and add paper clips to the ribbon until the AirWalker floats or stands at the desired level.

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