How to Get Rid of Mining Bees

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Mining bees can usually be found in masonry (if an egg is laid in a crack), or in a garden or lawn. They can destroy masonry, if nested there. They don't do damage to a lawn, but can be pests, although rarely sting.

They are solitary, and don't form a collective colony, but each female makes a small burrow in the ground where she lays eggs. Their numbers can grow rapidly, and it's difficult to eliminate all of them in one season. Males, however, are only active from two to six weeks per year.

Read instructions carefully of the liquid or dust insecticide. Use safety precautions.

Hold container/solution 6 to 12 inches away from your body

Apply insecticide to bee mounds.

Use hoe or rake to disturb the mounds. Upset the soil gently.

Apply insecticide again to the disrupted mounds. Females will come to repair the broken mounds and come in contact with the insecticide.

Follow instructions on concrete repair kit to fix any cracks or holes in the concrete. This will not kill the bees outright but will eliminate their nest.

If you choose, you can use an aerosol insectide to kill any individual bees you see buzzing around after you have repaired the crack.

Some masonry cracks are too big to be fixed by a non-professional. If the damage is extensive, call a contracter to fix the concrete.